Thursday, May 07, 2009

It makes me uncomfortable. You know what I mean, uncomfortable?

This post, found by linking to this and that and then voila!, makes me laugh.

In the comments there is some person who wrote 'heh'. Which reminds me how much I cringe at that word.

I think there's a lot of people out there who confuse a lot of words. Fine.

But EVERY SINGLE TIME I read 'heh', I get the willies.

Why? Because someone I know likes to write emails and put 'heh heh heh' in them. And while I love that person, I cannot help but imagine some creepy Chi-Mo (child molester, in case you don't know) with that 1970s special haircut from Mastercuts and the Rockford Files mustache and maybe some leather pants... making his plan, observing kids, being creepy in some way. And he always laughs "heh heh heh" with that gravely voice. And maybe he smears ear wax on his mustache (in case it's handle bars and not 1970s bushy).

Hee hee hee, fine.

Heh heh heh? Creeeeeeepy.

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  1. lol I don't like hee hee hee either. Or hehehe. It just makes me think the person is giggling, and I find it strange that it's usually guys who write that. I either write lol or ha ha. No creepiness or giggling here.


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