Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They keep threatening to move. Follow through!!

At what point does the racism card stop being okay to play? Like, when is it OVER played? Because I'm pretty sure my neighbors are there.

Our property owners got rid of one of the dumpsters in our parking lot in an effort to save money. Unfortunately it was the one closest to us. (also unfortunate is the part where they did it right before half the complex moved out).

So we have this admittedly bad habit of putting a bag of garbage outside the front door to take to the dumpster when it's morning or has stopped raining (last night with thunder and lightening). But it's never food garbage. It's like cat box scooped stuff. Mmmmm, good morning!

Our neighbor, who employed this practice daily until she decided to complain about our occasional bag, is now calling our landlord every time she sees it. Which is like twice, I think. But still.

At this point I would also like to explain that they have a car which does not run and has not moved since October. In one of the front and center to our building parking spaces.

UH OH Pictures, Images and Photos

So our landlord, who is so caught in the middle and who I am NOT complaining about because she's in no better a place than us, calls us (well, texts now) to let us know our neighbor has complained about the bag of cat poop. But she can't harass them to move their piece of sh*t car because then they go screaming to her boss about racial profiling/discrimination/harassment.

The best part is that we end up getting the shaft since we're white, like our landlord enough to not be little kids about the whole thing (Aiden's totally the one who keeps us in line. I want to bitch!), and are NOT the squeaky wheel.


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