Saturday, May 23, 2009

They'll Probably Be On The News Someday

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I'm taking two classes this summer; one is not ever going to be mentioned on here and the other is Parent Child Relations.

Last semester I had to take a class about how kids develop from conception to age 8. Alex is turning 9 next month so I kind of felt like I was cheating by being in the class. How many issues of Parents magazine have I read? How many hours have I dealt with it exactly? Yeah...

So I kind of feel that way this semester, too. I have, despite all evidence to the contrary, read a lot of research (even before the great Major change) on parenting and the long term effects it can have on the kids.

But I LOVE going to this class. There are only 20 or so people, including the teacher, in the room. Of those, 3 of us are parents and one is a boy. The professor is one I have had before and she knows I am not quiet in discussion based classes. And she knows I have kids. She asks my input as much as I offer it without her asking.

In short, the people in my class know I a LOT about what kind of parenting I do. I'm honest about it, for the sake of the class... it's like therapy.

For example, yesterday we were talking about 2-5 year olds and that included tantrums. Our teacher explained how you should redirect a tantrum thrower so they will forget their fit and be done.

I said we had moved on to applaud Ashley's tantrums. "Good Job!!! Oh, look, she kicked the wall!!" All with extreme pleasure and clapping.

It startles them, shocks them, whatever in to stopping the fit. They aren't getting their reaction they were after so they give up. Eventually.

I throw in my juicy nuggets of future helpfulness anytime I can.

Some of the girls told me yesterday they are going to be calling me in a few year with "how did you handle this situation?!?"

Maybe they should wait and see how my kids turn out, first.


  1. Well, if present peronality/behavior is any idicator, I'd say we're doing pretty well ;-)

  2. Um, Aiden left that comment. I did NOT choose to compliment myself right after this post.


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