Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July

We have what is now our "tradition" (because is it a TRADITION after 2 years?) for the 4th of July while living in Pullman.
It starts with eating yummy BBQ food (Aiden made some fiery hot homemade BBQ sauce to put over chicken legs. we also had hot dogs for the kids, baked beans, corn on the cob done in foil on the grill with butter, pepper, and garlic salt (mmmm!) in the foil with them).
Then we get up to the hill where the fireworks are NOT being done by the city to watch the fireworks done by the city on another hill ridiculously early. We let the kids play on the playground, bring bags of candy, poppers, pop-its, sparklers, and glow sticks.
Last year we went with some friends who decided to go to the city's shebang this this year. So we had lots of fun with Goretti and her kids.
My friend Rob also came and reminded me that I might want a picture of the kids all together for the blog. So here's the picture I got from that.After Aiden pointed out that the caption for it could read "and then when we get home we'll kill the puppy" we took another picture. MUCH better.

Then I realized it was too fun to take pictures of the kids on the night portrait setting since the glow sticks kept moving (and my hands were moving and I had not brought my tri-pod). So I took an insane amount of those pictures. But I think they are fun.

The boys of the group kept saying it looked like the kids were taken to a rave. Whatever.

Just to prove we were there. Yep, that is the best picture of me we could get in the 2 shots. Trust me. I was that hot/tired/sweaty.

Finally the moon came up and was gorgeous in it's cloud cover. And then the big show started.
Again, I didn't have my tri-pod because I always think I can hold my hands perfectly still for the whole time the shutter is open. Turns out not. I'm sure if you want to know what those would have looked like you can just google fireworks pictures and get some wavy lined things that might have been fireworks before the drunken effect was added by the wiggling photographer's hands.

So, Happy Birthday, USA! We had a great time.

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