Sunday, July 12, 2009

We got a new Playground

Since the playground that was here was 11 years old (and to celebrate the neighbors from hell moving, at least in my mind), Christa talked her boss into letting us get a new one. It was on order for a few weeks (or so) and arrived on Friday. The old one was being taken to her house as a perk for doing such a great job but the new one was not going to be built until the middle of next week.
I don't know what exactly caused these great guys (and daddies!) of the complex to volunteer their time but they are both maintenance workers for the complex and spent Friday evening starting to build. They worked so late they ended up working by headlight from one of their's cars. They worked on it again most of the day Saturday again ending in a headlight work zone. Late last night the last screw went in and the kids of the complex awoke to the completed project. Except the swings which are on order, from what I'm told.

Thanks for putting it up guys! There are cookies in your futures for saving all the mommies from dealing with a week of no playground.

Here deleted by request, along with photo... and Daniel are putting it up on Saturday. When they had to break for lunch (or something) the kids could NOT wait to get at it. The problem is the slide wasn't up so there was a big gaping hole on the back side. This was all they got for Saturday.They christened it this morning by playing pirate ship and house and making up clubs for the clubhouse. It was welcome by all.Alex had to take a break in all the enjoyment and reflect, I guess.

And Amadeo was just a nut ball, as usual.

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