Sunday, July 12, 2009

What We Did with NO PLAYGROUND

While waiting for the awesome men to build the playground (we couldn't help due to liability, I guess) we played Transformers and Little People for a LOT of the day Saturday.
There is a good amount of kids in this complex so we shared our toys with everyone who cared to come out and play. Heaven knows we have more than enough Little People to go around!
Santiago must be in that age where trains are the coolest thing ever. Especially this Little People one that can be set to go around, pull the cart, and come back to you! It really just does a circle but Santo played with that thing for HOURS! When we finally made it go straight for him today he took it really far down the sidewalk. Who knows how many times the button on that thing has been activated by him this weekend, but I am tempted to give it to him. Except I still love Little People. We played them A LOT when we were kids.

The boredom eventually took over and even Aiden was hit. He was showing off his Little People girl with the bird seed. OOOOkaaaaayyy, Aiden. (clap for him so he's not embarrassed!)

Little People, though, can only hold your attention for so long in one day. The kids abandoned the toys for something more fun. I don't remember what it was, probably Popsicles or "water pops". Either way, the carnage left behind was entertaining to us.

After I took this picture I realized the plane looks like it dumped all the people out of it before it crashed into the city. Fear not, no one was hurt in the making of this photo.

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