Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have to wonder what it is like at Brandon's house. Here's why:
1. Annie wanted something to drink on Monday with lunch. She asked for a capri sun but they had been in the car and were hot. So she asked "do you guys have anything else like juice that we could drink?".
I corrected her and told her it should be " do WE have anything else...". It is her house too!
Don't get me started on why everything is asked for all 3 of them. If Annie wants juice, can't she ask for it without having to make it be a request for everyone?!
2. They live out of a suitcase while they visit. That baby has a dresser. It will be born in DECEMBER! But my kids get to feel like they are definitely in the way and VISITING while they live from a suitcase.
And....! That baby will sleep in their room when it's born but will move to sleep with Morgan when they come to visit. Good to know they'll be crammed in with the crib and never feel like they are further disturbing the household.
3. Alex was getting cereal ready with me today and went to get the milk. While he stood waiting for me to pour it he commented on how they weren't even allowed to get stuff out of the fridge or pour their own milk. I was only pouring because it is really full. Otherwise we're big believers in teaching self-reliance and cleaning up any resulting mess TOGETHER.
Maybe Morgan thought she was being nice and doing it for them. I doubt it. I would bet she just wanted to protect the carpet in her trailer.
4. A lot more little things. Like Ashley is confused about why she should wipe her bum without help (Brandon has a poop issue)(in regards to letting the kids wipe their own).
And on and on.
I really just want to cry when I think about their time away.

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  1. Why o' why does that man continue to exist on planet earth. He's screwing up my whole universe with his existence.

    Yes to all these things. And here's my "don't get me started".

    Don't get me started on the concert issue with the death metal t-shirt that got sent home with my 9 year-old. Because bands that sing about killing and/or hurting people, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. are TOTALLY appropriate for 9 year0old impressionable children.

  2. Oops the above is from me. Well, Aiden. Not the me who is still logged in.


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