Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cue the Jeopardy theme song

Is it no longer recommended that people involved in an argument or discussion (which is just code for "argument", really) stop and think before they fly off at the mouth? Because I have been the reigning champ of fly off at the mouth my whole life. So I decided to try this "gather your thoughts before you proceed method" lately. I have tried it twice and both times the "argument" ended without me.
These were both fairly large "discussions" (one way the heck larger, to be sure) full of emotion and feelings. So maybe it is really just seen as a way to surrender to the other side? But I have more to say. And I am not very likely to bring the whole thing up again, with either party, so now these issues will just sit and fester, unresolved, until the next time.
Maybe I need to think faster or just remove my feelings from the situation.
Or maybe everyone should just remember what even my ex finally found to be true which is that I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!
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