Sunday, August 08, 2010

1 bathroom woes

We have moved to Walla Walla, in case you hadn't heard. We really like our new place, for the most part. We have only 1 bathroom in our new house.
Why the people building 3 bedroom homes thought 1 toilet would be enough is beyond me, I think they should get to live in one of these units for a week, with 3 kiddos, and see just how impractical it really is.
Some of the things we have learned in the last couple of weeks:
1. Yes, it is okay to use the bathroom while someone is in the shower or bath, as long as the curtain is pulled. I claim the priviledge of taking a bath the other day and had to amend this idea. It is still okay to use the toilet when someone is in the bath or shower, with the curtain pulled, but if you have to poop, and if mom is the one in the bath, with a good book and a long soak going on, do not feel the need to have a conversation with Mom whilst you do your business. The book, I promise you, is enough to keep her entertained. She'd really like to pretend that you're not actually taking a crap 6 inches away from her, anyway.
1a. Courtesy flushes are a great idea. Employ them.
2. When no one has to use the bathroom for over 2 hours, suddenly, and at the end of the movie, all 3 children will magically go from "no need to pee" to "peeing their pants right now" in approximately 2 minutes. The child who also has to poop will be the first one in the bathroom while the other two dance in the hallway. Prioritize between the 30 seconds of movie lost and the 25 minute pee-pee dance and subsequent bladder pain.
3. Knocking is all the sudden not just a neat idea the parents have talked about for 10 years but is, in fact, a courtesy that each user of the bathroom wants extended to them. Even if they have never done it for anyone else. Ever.
What fun stories can you add?
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  1. ha ha ha ha...we miss you guys

  2. As a family of 4 with 1 bathroom it should be noted that the smaller the child the longer they take, and shorter they wait... sometimes employing the bathtub to pee is an acceptable necessity, if the employer then turns on the shower to rinse and "flush" the tub. This is the magical way to turn the 1 bathroom into a 2 holer out-house, with indoor plumbing...

  3. of course the 2 holer approach doesn't work so well when someone is IN the tub with a good book... :)


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