Sunday, August 08, 2010

Magical thinking... alive and well in our house, courtesy of Ashley. So what if she's going to be 6 in a couple of months, she's still happily buying into the idea that things happen by magical power.
Yesterday she was trying to enjoy some cherries for snack. As she munched along, she commented that it would be "funner" if cherries didn't have those "seeds" in them. I think they slow her down.
All of the kids are really into the idea of planting all the seeds they come across in food and her remark made Annie remind her that when we buy a house, we can plant those seeds.
Ashley kept eating her cherries and said "well, what if it could be funner by having no seeds -BUT- if you ate all the cherries you bought at the store, you get seeds!"
Um, yes, that would be neat. I have a couple of questions, though. First, where would these seeds come from? Just magic? And how do they know when to show up?
Second, where does the idea of having to eat all of them come from? We are not "clean your plate" people. We have been known to say you have to eat at least a certain amount of the fruit or veggie pieces but never ALL your food. It's just a question I have about her motivation for the magic to kick in and make the seeds show up.

In other Ashley news...
I asked her what we should have for dinner the other day while we were at the pool. She said "fish sticks! No, Mom!". I wondered what the last part was all about so I asked. "We should eat YOU for dinner" was the explanation. Then she pretended to take a bite of me, chew it up, make a face of ick, spit me back out, slap it back onto my face, pat it in, and say "nope, you don't taste good. Fish sticks!" And then swim off.

That kid is one funny ball of giggles.
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  1. Ha ha ha! "nope, you don't taste good. Fish Sticks!" is hilarious!


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