Monday, August 16, 2010

Goat... Nyah!

This weekend the kids went with Brandon to go to a family reunion for his mom's side of the family.  Brandon's got an Uncle Bruce that lives in Bremerton, is a fantastic carpenter, drives Harleys, and has a penchant for strange animals that he likes to bring on vacation when he drives said Harley to Spokane to visit his family. 
The kids got in the car Sunday afternoon and started telling us about the goat that was at the family reunion.  All of the stories matched up; Uncle Bruce had his goat at the family reunion, if you hold onto the horns, it thinks it is playtime and will start butting at you, they had the goat on a leash by a pile of rocks so it could climb around, a video was made and posted to YouTube featuring the goat and the men of Brandon's family, etc. 
This was all just fine.  Except for one thing:  Uncle Bruce brought his motorcycle to Spokane for the family reunion.  He has a sidecar, I know.  But I just had this crazy picture of a goat in aviator goggles with a scarf tied around its neck riding along in the sidecar of a Harley all the way from Bremerton to Spokane. 

It turns out, Uncle BRI-AN, who hosted the reunion this year, is the one with the goat.  Which is probably a much safer way to have the goat appear at the family reunion.  But I still can't stop laughing about that damn goat in the sidecar riding across the state.
Maybe like this?

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