Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Holy Hell, it's hot!

Welcome to August in WW, I guess. It's 11 pm and still almost 90 outside. All I can say is thank all that's awesome that we have a/c!

I wish I could say I wasn't sleeping because of the heat. In reality, I start work in the morning, orientation, name badge (hope it's a good hair day!), etc. So no preschool kiddos until September 7th but actual new job in about 9 hours.

I just need to go to sleep as there is not enough Diet Coke in all the land to keep me awake enough to not yawn all day tomorrow if I don't sleep tonight.

I have never slept well the night before anything big, especially school starting. So you could say that I am as excited/nervous about tomorrow as I was about Kindergarten 26 years ago.

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