Friday, March 16, 2012

Odyssey of the Mind... 20 years later

I have to get up in an hour to get ready for work and then take Alex to his school to drop him off for his first Odyssey of the Mind competition.  His group chose to write a play where one member has to be mute during the play.  We went last week to watch them perform to make sure they are ready for tomorrow's competition; it's such a cute play!  The thing about Odyssey is that the kids do it all themselves.  They wrote the play, they built the backdrops, they forgot to think about costuming... it's all very precious. 

I'm sad that I can't go with his group to watch them perform.  I was going to be a chaperon but then I used up all of  my sick leave and annual leave in December to stay home with Aiden and now I am sending him off instead.  We thought about going down tomorrow to see them compete but for many reasons have decided that it's time to cut the apron strings a little bit and let him have his time with his group. 

Alex is a funny kid.  He is in that awkward age where he wants to snuggle and hold hands at home or at the store but NEVER could he admit that he even knows who we are if we are within 100 yards of his school!  I'm pretty sure that would extend to Odyssey of the Mind competitions as well. 

I have had so much fun watching Alex and his group plan their performance.  I did Odyssey of the Mind from 4th to 8th grade and it was always so exciting and nerve wracking to get to the actual performance!!  I'm having such a great time seeing it through the eyes of a parent this time.

So Alex, we love you, we are proud of you, we want you to do great!

Please don't eat all of your bus munchy foods in the first hour. 

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