Monday, January 05, 2009

I am a pizza

A long time ago Brandon worked in a preschool and the let him borrow one of the tapes of songs they would listen to for playtime. Two of them in particular caught my attention but then he had to give the tape back and I kept forgetting to find the song again.

I found the song on Youtube. The second verse is in French which I remembered. I've been trying to sing it in my sad little mimicking French so it sounds like (this is phonetic):

jen se la pizza, avec de frommage

The kids have been singing the echo part as

Jim says a pizza


Jim sell the pizza

It's been funny to me and now it's funnier.

Ashley watched the video with me and towards the end there's a picture of a delivery boy holding the pizza that's "ready to go". She pointed at the boy and said, "Look Mom! That's Jim!!!"

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