Monday, January 26, 2009

Snarkiness Ahead

I am taking Music Appreciation, or something like that. As part of the class we are required to attend a minimum of two approved concerts. So Friday night there was a concert being described as "Vocal Chamber Music". That was a lie, just so you know. Instead, my friend Stephanie and I found ourselves sitting through a concert that began with a woman educating the audience on the difference between a modern violin and a Baroque period violin. For 10 minutes. Awesome. That's exactly how I was hoping to start off my waste of a Friday night.

Then there was several songs by several different groups all made up of women in various stages of "fundamentalist". Do you know what I mean? This is close:
Anyway, after an hour of these women and then the addition of a soprano singer (apparently the Vocal part of the Vocal Chamber Music Lie) who thought she was looking gooo-oood except it really just looked like she was wearing a decent dress with a fancy-ish bathrobe over it (I wish I had my camera), we went to intermission.
This is the best part of the evening. We watched a whole lot of very old men and women wander around and rub elbows with each other. I called Aiden looking for moral support over the thing we were being FORCED to attend when all of the sudden Stephanie pointed out "that woman is wearing leather pants". Not well, either.
This woman was wearing leather, but I suspect PLEATHER, jeans... meaning they were not tight. Nor were they patent but they were definitely shining light off of them. You probably assume this goes along with her top half, right?
Well, you'd be wrong. This woman's top half was wearing a cable knit sea green sweater. Not even a tightish one to fit with her "I rode to the "Vocal Chamber LIE" on my man's Harley" pants. It was loose and baggy but obviously came from C J Banks or something.
Her hair was dark gray spotted with white, shoulder length, and half pulled up. She looked like she teaches 2nd grade by day and hangs with the Hell's Angels by night.
We gave up and left at intermission. This week we have the opportunity to attend a Clarinet duet. (say that three times fast). I have nothing against gaining culture but does it have to be 3 hours at a shot?

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  1. Anonymous6:54 PM

    The best part was being on the phone with you whilst the leather pant thing was happening. Holly kept saying, "Gawd, Aiden, I wish you could see this. It is so tragic!"


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