Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And then the EMERGENCY trip to Schuck's. windshield wiper, what?

It's spring break for the kiddos this week and that means there is craziness galore!

We started off early with some horrid behavior from all three of them as early as last Thursday (or was it Friday?). Brandon's mom had called and wanted to take the kids for a couple of days. I had my reservations but did not really say anything definite to her about it. So she called on Saturday to "finalize" plans for Sunday pick up (?!?!) and was irritated with me when I told her the kids would not be able to go. There is NO WAY I am sending them to her house acting like that. She's an alcoholic even without the kids but adding them and their nuttiness? Nope.

Now that we knew we were looking at a solid week of three kids at home, we looked at the weather forecast. Awesome. It's going to snow and rain all week. WTF? Tomorrow is April 1st. WHY is it snowing? (I know it snowed in June last year but I'm hoping for it to get better!)

Sunday was a lot better than Saturday and Monday was even more so. Until 8:15 in the morning. Ashley was running down the hall (which she knows not to do) and shut the door of the closet with her hand. In the middle. Where the two pieces come together.

She started screaming from how bad that hurts (I don't know why they even make those kinds of doors anymore. Sadists.) and it got worse when she saw she was actually bleeding. She also has a fantastic blood blister. Poor kid. She wore Band-Aids and one of those metal "I broke my finger" things with the blue foam on the inside and the velcro wrap around it. (you know what I mean, right?) She didn't want to wear it but we told her it was like a shoe for her pinky and would protect it from more bumps. She kept that sucker on all day.

The rest of Monday was a bazillion times better. There was the usual ups and downs of a day and the girls made a HUGE!!!! mess in their room but it was sorted out and they even got to stay up later than usual.

This morning started out with Alex asking for his PSP which he promptly got grounded from. AGAIN. I guess Ashley and Annie are short on sleep because there's been tears and crying and yelling and screaming. And it's almost noon.

I get to go to class in a little bit. Poor Aiden is stuck here with them. If he's smart, he'll institute nap/rest time again today. It did wonders for them yesterday.

Will let you all know how the rest of the week goes. Keep your fingers crossed.

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