Saturday, May 02, 2009

... and then I had an aneurysm

We took the kids to the museum on campus this morning. There's a lot of animals and some skeletons and stuff (and it's free!). The girls had both been before but it was new for Alex. And since he's very science minded, he loved it.

We got done and went to Pizza Hut for lunch. (I love it when we can save up Book It certificates and eat for the cost of drinks!)

When we got home I took the kiddos outside for some running around time.

And then I noticed the wind. And how cold it was. There was another mommy out before us and since she was still out, I couldn't wimp out that quickly.

And then the rain started. And we both wimped out.

One of the neighbor kids wanted to come play which brought us to 4 kids and 1 adult (Aiden was resting his painful shoulder).

I decided the girls and I could play Sorry! while the boys played in Alex's room. But the boys wanted to play, too. So Ashley and I were on a team.

If you'll remember, Sorry!, when played with multiple kids (especially mine!) goes on FOR-EV-ER.

And since it was an hour and a half into one game before Brady decided he'd had enough and suddenly had to go home, I was starting to be bothered by my eye twitch that had started.

Here's the thing: Alex is a constant source of humming, singing, whistling, and general noise. And he was playing with his Bakugan he'd brought to the table. So his focus was somewhere else.

Annie was humming, singing, whistling, and standing next to her chair while she tipped it up and back to the floor over and over again.

Ashley, who has spent the most time with Aiden, wouldn't stop cleaning up the stack of discarded cards. Unfortunately, she's 4 so she kept fixing the one stack and knocking over the other one. And moving them further and further apart. Plus, we were on a team so I could help her strategize. This meant I had to convince her yes we could use that card (after the first unusable Sorry! card is played, we lose focus) and which guy we should use it with.

Brady also had a Bakugan with him (which he broke and Alex spent half the game fixing between turns). But the part that would drive me nuts was the part where he'd reach for his card before the turn before him was done (or really even started). And the part where he'd pick up his card and hold it, then set it on the table in front of him, take his turn, and have to be reminded EVERY SINGLE TIME to put his card back in the discard pile.

Ho-ly cow. That's all I have to say.


  1. lol It gets easier when they're older, I promise. We do family game nights and we usually split us up. Me and Wren play games with the older kids while the younger kids play a game together. The younger kids never play the game RIGHT but they have fun playing anyway.

  2. I always think it's going to be fun to play a game together, but it' not. Ever.

    We played Trouble yesterday - or we started to, but then the phone rang and Mommy's turn got skipped about 3 times in the space of a 1 minute call, and then that was it. I don't even know if the boys actually finished the game or not. Because the phone call, it was the babysitter saying she could in fact come over RIGHT THEN, so I ran to get ready for our date.


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