Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Graduation" Day

Ashley had preschool graduation on Friday. Unfortunately, we got our wires crossed and arrived an hour late thinking we were on time. So we missed the little ceremony but still got pictures of Ashley with her teacher and in her cap!

There was an hour break between the ceremony and lunch where they had face painting, water tables, a cop car, all the playgrounds open, tons of stuff for the kids to do. But NOTHING for the parents to do but follow their kids around and try to keep track of them amidst all the other kids (4 classes participated) and their siblings and parents. It was crazy!

Last year we let Alex skip school to come see Annie's. We'll let him and Annie skip next year to come see Ashley actually graduate to kindergarden. For this year, we just had the girls with us. We convinced Ashley to have lunch at McDonald's instead of waiting for overheated rubbery hotdogs. Our sense of adventure has waned.

Anyway, some pictures from the day:

This is her with Miss Alyssa, her teacher.

In her "graduation" cap.Annie getting her face painted. The girls got stuck waiting for a friend to finish messing with the boards.THIS is the acclaimed CJ of many a twinkle in Ashley's eye. She's got good taste, huh?HE is less than thrilled about all the PDA. (Maybe they HAVEN'T been kissing!)

This is my new desktop background. I LOVE it!

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