Sunday, May 17, 2009


This weekend I have a test, 4 chapters to read, 3 REALLY long, boring scientific sounding sociology articles to read, a website to review, and a 2 page paper to write.
Oh, and a 30 minute discussion group to prepare for my class on Thursday. On ANOTHER really long article.

I had big plans for myself yesterday. But it turns out that being at school and having so much homework every single night (seriously, 2 chapters and at least 1 article every night!) is exhausting. Especially since I have to keep a dictionary by my side and read the articles out loud so I can HOPE to understand what they are saying.

Anyway, I took my test yesterday morning (online) and then prepared to settle in with my highlighter and one of the articles.

But the kids were playing outside. Surely I can read this outside and watch them. And get enough out of it to write a response.

But Alex had a birthday party to go to and we had to get a present.

So I took him to Shopko and had an hour of date with my 8 year old. He's some of the best company one could hope for so I was in NO hurry to get back to my article.

We got home and I put the gift bag together. Okay, back to responsible-ness.

But I bought a People and hadn't finished it. (or really started it)

So People and I went outside to watch the kids.

Then Reader's Digest made an appearance.

Then we had to get the boy to the party so we packed everyone in the van. We dropped him off and took the girls to Wal-Mart of some odds and ends. Then to some store in Pullman, then to ANOTHER store in Pullman, then back to the park to get the kid.

Now it's dinner time. But we have to go back to Wal-Mart. So we went to Sella's (if you ever come visit us, make sure we eat at Sella's. It's SO good).

Back to Wal-Mart, home, let the kids ride bikes for an hour until bedtime.

Wow! I got a sunburn. (minor)

And I'm so sleeeeepyyyyy.

And my article has not yet highlighted itself.

But I had a fantastic sunshiney day with the kids, outside, having fun, drinking lemon juice water (YUM!) and driving those same 8 miles again and again.

What a great freakin' day.

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  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    It was a good day. And Ashley has a bike that works. And that she's not a-feared of. And that maybe she'll let us take the training wheels off of by the 4th of July. *fingers crossed*


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