Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Watchin' My Corn Pop Up In Rows...

Someone convinced our landlord we should have a community garden. So now we do.

I hated gardening while I was growing up. Something about Dad making us weed rows and rows of what I thought was HIS garden. I avoid fresh green beans strictly because we ate so many of them from the garden. And it was always, "go pick one row". Or worse, weed it.

We started with a square of grass and weeds. We had to dig out the entire thing, put in top soil, and then plant. Here is our garden as of this morning:

There's peas, cucumbers, bell peppers, 2 cherry tomatoes, and a large tomato plant called Mr. Stripey. We've all gotten really excited about Mr. Stripey because of the promise of what the tomatoes will look like.

So, it doesn't look like much, especially compared to the gardens around us where people have planted older bushes. But it's ours. And someday we'll be picking and eating what we have worked so hard to grow.

We also painted rocks to mark our plants. We stole this idea from our neighbor who has really cute ones. I did NOT take pictures of hers since mine look cool-ish if you don't see hers.

In addition to the above mentioned plants, we have planted another entire plot of just corn.

They are the most impressive plants we've got. And they look a whole lot cooler in person. I promise.

So here's what our little back corner of the lot looks like now. There's just 2 plots left that people have not yet dug out. I think we're going to take the one between our two plots and plant flowers if it doesn't get used soon.

And now for the snarky: While Aiden and I were out digging up our second plot some people came walking by (across the street from us is a WSU walking path that many people use. A lot). They came across the street to our side and looked as us with the shovel and many grids marked out with string and stakes. "Y'all plantin' a garden?" was the question.

Uh, no. We're just digging up the grass in these little plots to piss off my landlord.

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  1. THANKS for watering my garden! You let me know if you guys decide to leave and I'll get on that:) And the grass plot...the Robbins had it and then moved home for the summer, so it's free.


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