Thursday, July 02, 2009

So Here's Summer Again.

It is the hottest day of the year, thus far. We celebrated by being outside all day. After I got bored of the fights the kids have out front we headed to the backyard to "swim".

The really just means playing in the wading pool. But we took the large "snap set" pool the evil neighbors left by the dumpster so now we have two. (Not counting the one the 4 geniuses decided to throw bricks in).

One of the pools was set up and full of water so while we waited for the other, much larger one to fill up, there were 10 or 11 kids crammed into the 5' wide 12" deep pool.

I think they were practicing for the clown car at the circus. It was wild.

After we got the pools all filled, totally 3 since we borrowed a pool from one of the kids who was over playing, things got crazier. Yes, the kids spread out over the 3 pools, but that didn't stop the madness.

Instead, the kids ran from pool to pool and made a huge mess of all of them.

And the adults were frying in the 90 degree weather. So I decided to climb in, too. One of these days I will be brave enough to actually swim in the pools with them. The problem is we're right on the busy-ish road. And there's neighbor mommies watching their kids. (I love those mommies. Usually it's okay if 1 or 2 kids are unattended by their moms but when there's 9 extra kids and only 1 extra parent? Seriously?)

But I don't swim in front of the other mommies. And yes, we have the mister, but somehow it's not enough when it's this hot. Or I'm not doing it right. Whatever.

So, it's hot, the kids are crazy, and I am stealing 10 minutes to write this out and have self-therapy before I go make burgers and dogs (again) and take them back out to the (hopefully) cooler outside after dinner.


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