Saturday, January 02, 2010

Female Pattern Baldness

So, do you want to know all the things wrong with me? I'm going to type and maybe some will come out. We'll find out together.
I had my gallbladder removed a year and a half ago. After that I lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. It started in May. In August, I went to my doctor and asked why my hair was falling out. She placated me and tested my thyroid but said the handful of hair was "totally normal hair loss" for one shower. Um, NOT FOR ME, or I wouldn't have bothered coming in.
That would be like going to the doctor because my eyes are STILL BROWN! *shocked and appalled look*
Whatever, after that, I started back to school, packed on a bunch more fat (all I had lost plus some, for extra fun). Well, when I started this diabetic-esque diet this fall, I started feeling like I was losing weight. Turns out, I was. About a month ago, I found I was again holding handfuls of hair by the end of my shower. It was the craziest thing.
FINALLY, I put it all together. When your body loses weight, it also loses hair. Something about how the hair cycle gets interrupted and then when you begin maintaining a weight again, your hair resumes growth and actually comes in healthier and thicker than before. So that's good, now if only I can make sure I don't take so long to lose weight that I go totally bald before it's able to grow again!
PS, that picture is NOT of my head.
PPS, I did not share some of the things I thought I might so you're safe. :o)

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