Friday, January 01, 2010

Resolutely Unresolute.

I think I am going to start a new year's resolution about blogging more often.

Now I just need to find something fun to say.

Last night we went to Goretti's house for New Year's Eve. The kids laid around on the floor watching movies while the adults crocheted and were, generally, OLD about the whole evening.
I have never understood the draw to celebrating New Year's. It just seems really unfair to the rest of the months. Why don't we stay up and watch a ball drop and have fireworks to welcome in any of the other months? And then? Then we take the first day of the year off. We close the stores that don't HAVE to be opened, management always takes the day off, and we set a FANTASTIC precedent for the entire new year! Oy!
Anyway, before we went to Manzo's house we were playing the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and singing along like crazy people, as per usual. Aiden told Annie she's not allowed to marry anyone until he loves her as much as Aiden loves her mom (ME!). She very reverently accepted this rule. It was funny, though, that he said that because I was thinking about how the girls won't be allowed to marry anyone who is not willing to sing Come What May to her. Or any of the other fantastical love songs. Great minds, we are, thinking alike.

Last night was the first time ever that any of the kids made it to midnight. Alex and Annie both made it. The cute part was that Ashley came and crawled up on my lap and said she was ready to go to bed. I love it when she, or any of the kids for that matter, listen to their bodies and admit they are tired.

On a completely different note, but still all about me, I lost 25 pounds, give or take, this semester. I was given a diagnosis of being pre-diabetic (stupid fat fat FAT) in September and then lost my insurance until December. So I have not actually gone to the doctor to get all my blood sugar devices yet (I go on Tuesday). Anyway, since I had gestational diabetes with Ashley, I sort of knew what I was doing without the dang finger pokes and just went to a somewhat modified diabetic diet.

For those of you that don't know, that basically means low carb. I can SOOOO do low carb. It's like a game. And while I cannot lose weight for the life of me (literally), I can win games! So I didn't weigh myself until Christmas break. And I was down 25 pounds before you account for heavier clothes and boots and stuff.

(I do my weighing on the scale at Rite Aid and was not in the mood to stand there and take off as much as possible to still be decent in public while weighing in. Hence, the boots and coat and stuff stayed ON)(which is also why this is not being posted from JAIL!)

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